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With the moderate climate, beautiful scenery and plentiful wildlife its no wonder why British Columbia has been rated as one of the best places in the world to photograph wildlife.

During the Months of September and Oct Gordon hosts small groups of wildlife photographers to British Columbia Canada, with more than forty trips over the last 10 years, we like to think he knows his way around.

Why book with us.

We only do small groups ( MAX 4 PHOTOGRAPHERS)

Every tour is a unique & an original experience.

Our trips are suitable for Photographers and non photographers alike.

We visit rivers off the tourist trail that no other wildlife holiday company knows.

While there are many guided day trips to view wildlife in British Columbia, (view being the key word), most are really not suitable for photography,

You can book a boat trip to photograph Killer Whales and Humpback Whales only to end up on a huge boat with 100 hundred other people, and be looking down from a distance, or end up in a dry suit and climbing into a Zodiac blasting across the open water only to find they are open to the elements and your camera equipment is soaked they also move around to much on the water to get that great image.

We don't use these boats, we use a boat that has as covered area and an open stable deck on the rear that takes smaller groups.

You may book a trip to Photography Grizzly Bears only to end up on a platform built for viewing, with a and end up with a large group looking down at the Bears at a distance, high platforms are used a lot in British Columbia, but again they really don't produce great images of the bears.

Or you could book a trip to see Grizzly and Black Bears only to be taken out when they are not very active and feeding on sedges and plants, these can be in areas that give a poor background to the image.

We don't use platforms for photography.

We slowly drift the rivers in an area of British Columbia which is home to some of the largest Grizzly Bear’s in North America, not mention the highest density of them, the slow drift allows us to stop and photograph the Bears at eye level as they feast on Salmon, Sept and Oct is the peak time to photograph the Bears with Cubs.

These tours are designed to give the best possible opportunities to photography as many of the rare and unique species of the mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island as possible, using only the very best guides that are transport Canada approved and insured as well as holding the whale watching and bear safe certificate.

If you would like more detail of these trips please contact Gordon.


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The Best Location in the United Kingdom to Photograph Ospreys in the Wild




Our primary hide is located in the heart of Aviemore here in the Cairngorm National Park. Aviemore is located 84 miles north of Perth and 30 miles south of Inverness. Aviemore is served by an excellent transport network with both bus and rail services stopping in the town on a daily basis.


We offer fully guided morning tours up to a maximum of 8 persons per session. Advanced booking is required for all sessions. Prices start at £130.00 per person. Due to the popularity of our tours we strongly recommend you book well in advance as availability is limited.




Over the years we, along with our clients, have taken some stunning photographs which have captured Osprey’s in their natural habitat. Our gallery continues to grow and we are constantly adding images to our web site and our Facebook page for your enjoyment.



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